Educational movie for a daVinci surgical system

trokar21_comp_adFrom more than 500 submitted videos our video was presented as one of ten at 67th Congress of Urology of the German Society of Urology and finished second. Additionally, the film is now available in the library of the Academy of DGU.

In the European Robotic Institute of Gronau – here the largest number of radical prostatectomies are performed for cancer in Europe in very high quality – robot-assisted operations and scientific abstracts are accomplished. Senior Physician Dr. med. Henrik Zecha, head of the training center, sees this project as an important contribution to the optimization and validation of patient safety in the operating sector. The film with an associated abstract deals with both the basics of daVinci® technique and with special stress situations in the operating room. The 3d animation shows the application and use of various trocars for patients treated with the daVinci surgical robot. To improve the use by the operating personnel and to prevent injury and stress to the patient, this 3d animation is designed as a teaching video. Lehrvideo zur korrekten Handhabung eines daVinci®-Operationssystems

January 2015
European Robotic Institute Gronau
Hospital Gronau
Teleflex Medical