I plant a tree – The WordPress-Plugin

Tempory very high power consumption and thus heavy CO2 emissions is one of the downsides of our work. To compensate this a little bit, we support the non-profit association I plant a tree from Halle / Germany for quite a while. Meanwhile, more than a ton of CO2 have been taken from the atmosphere by our donations.

There was only one thing which made us not entirely happy: the little widget which shows your saved CO2 on your website was written in JavaScript. Although versatile, the integration of the widget in your own side was not very comfortable, and worse it fetches fresh data from the IPAT server with each new loading. A technical necessity, but in most cases nonsensical, since trees grow relatively slow.

With our new IPAT-Wordpress-Plugin, this is a thing of the past. The plugin gets current data only every 4, 12 or 24 hours no matter how many users visit the Web site. This saves a lot of Internet traffic. Of course standing it as WordPress usual under the open source license GNU GPLv3. For more details have a look at the blog post by IPAT.

February 2016
I Plant A Tree