I plant a tree – the wordpress plugin

Settings after installation


At Settings › I plant a tree your correct user ID belonging to your IPAT account has to be provided. This can be found easily by logging in at iplantatree.org. After login you will find yourself directly at your profile page. The ID you will find in the address bar of your browser.

This will look like this: https://www.iplantatree.org/user/YourUserID


Here you can set globally the language in which your widget will later be shown. For multi language sites this setting can be overridden manually for each page – see Integration.

Update interval

Since trees grow very slow a daily update of your saved CO2 data should be enough. If you planted very much trees a shorter interval may be reasonable. Additionally the widget will get actual data when you save your settings.


In the sidebar

Immediatly after activation of the plugin you will find the IPAT widget at Appearance › Widgets, which you can easily put into your sidebar via drag&drop. The settings there should be self explaining.

As shortcode

The IPAT widget may also be used via shortcode. To do that just insert [ipat_widget] anywhere in your posts.

The shortcode can be extended with align=left|center|right or with the declaration of a user-defined class name, e.g.:

[ipat_widget align=”right” class=”myOwnIPATClass”]