Visualize molecules

Molecule 138DThe human or animal organism is one of the most complex developments of biology. Many chemical, physical and mechanical processes run autonomously every day without our intervention. How do nerves forward impulses, what happenes on disassembling food into its molecular components, what are they needed for and why do we get sick? Many questions are interesting in childhood and get adults in trouble to explain.
Even in high scientific fields there are still many things we do not understand, which are in need to be researched and are even understandable only for specialized people. In order to show such processes, which often remain hidden to the human eye, and to explain relationships that can only be described by complex formulas, equations, or otherwise extended texts, computer visualizations are particularly suitable. We have made a feasibility study using a self-written program that reads in PDB files and then geometrically reconstructs the molecular structure of the chemical compounds contained therein and makes them graphically visible in 3D-space. The works shown here originate from the thesis “envelope calculation and visualization of molecular structures in three-dimensional space” by Rainer Uhlemann. The difference to other available programs is that they are only able to visualize molecules, but not to incorporate them into 3D animations and thus to make them available for other programs.

August 2014
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