Weathering – The decomposition of rocks

Again we have created a so-called central curriculum teaching material in the form of an instructional DVD for the Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht (institute for movie and picture in science and education / FWU). After we already have visualized physical processes in the field of optics with 3D animations for a DVD wave optics, the current topic is called “weathering of rocks”. The geography related topic deals with the decomposition of rocks, types of weathering and the associated land conversion. A 20-minute instructional DVD is created in cooperation with the company Third Pole.

We created all 3d animations necessary for educational imparting around physical and chemical weathering, their effects, impacts and consequences. Our didactically prepared computer visualizations easily allow to understand what is not visible with the naked eye. What has weathering to do with frost and ice, why do salt dissolve in water and why does rain destroy valuable statues, monuments and historic buildings? All these questions are represented graphically and comprehensibly.

September 2015