lightframe fx

We love colors and motion in 2d and 3d. As an innovative, idea-rich and creative service provider within the scope of computer visualization, graphics and animation, we provide anything from the idea over storyboard up to creation, post production and compositing under one roof. Our work covers a multiplicity of innovative steps and solutions, in order to provide custom-made films, trailers, advertisements, teaching materials as well as print and design products. Our range of services is completed by web design, programming, artistic abilities and technical background and support.

As full service provider within the multicolored range of pictures and films we accompany you with a lot of enthusiasm and imagination from sudden inspiration to the finished product.


lightframe visual effects was born in 2012 and consists of three members of staff today – Michael Roth, Rainer Uhlemann and Kristof Struck. The name lightframe visual effects is used to summarize our work under this alias and ensure a uniform appearance.

Rainer Uhlemann became self-employed as freelancing 3d artist after his diploma thesis in media computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden, Germany. He has already successfully mastered some projects in the range of architecture and museums and collected many contacts and experiences in this time. Meanwhile he supervised a course of media computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden in the field of computer graphics and developed at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts the pilot project „Art Engineering”. Its principal activities there concerned the development of the master course of studies with technical emphasis within the range of computer based images as well as the theory in a two-semester testing phase.

In order to increase the flexibility, to bundle knowledge and to stem larger tasks he developed the idea from 2013 to a concept and established the label with Michael Roth as a consistent appearence. Today he works apart from his principal activity as 3d artist also on internal soft- and hardware solutions, project management and fine polishing of productions.

Michael Roth completed 2011 successfully his diploma in media computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden and worked afterwards as freelance 3d artist. Following the desire for collecting professional experiences he worked until 2013 as programmer, web developer and project manager at EventClass Dresden. In this time he met Rainer again and this revitalised the idea of a joint company in the 3d area, born in the shared study. In the same year lightframe visual effects was started. Today he is active as a 3d artist and programmer and additionally takes care about environmental relevant topics as well as technical support.

Kristof Struck also studied Media Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden and graduated in 2012. He then worked for several years at the university as a research assistant in the field of 3D and web programming. Since 2015 he has been working at MUBVideoDesign on his passion for video production, where he has been able to combine his interests in video, film and 3D.
After occasionally supporting the team with projects since 2017, he has been a permanent and creative member of lightframe fx since the summer of 2018.

Furthermore we work together with the very creative and likable artist and illustrator Jana Pelenus. Hence we are able to accomplish the hole gamut of medial content and can achieve wonderful results custom-made and very quick.


In times of climate change and in the light of increasing intensification of global problems protection of the environment is close to our hearts.

We are aware that especialy our line of business is very energy-intensive because of extreme computations once in an while. We’re trying hard to compensate this problem via efficient rendering, energy-saving hardware und generally energy-saving behaviour. A part of the CO2, which we produce, we balance by donating for trees on I Plant A Tree. Or we support campaigns like Mein Baum – Mein Dresden, where we took part by donating 40 trees. Getting real green energy is unfortunately not possible in our office at the moment, but is on top position on our wish list for new rooms in the near future.

Nearly all web sites we’re taking care of are hostet by Greensta or Manitu. Their servers are not only energy-saving, but are also run by not just relabeled but real green energy. Of course we suggest this judicious solution to our customers, too.

Furthermore, what we did achieve already is an ecological printing of our business cards. At sedruck it is possible to use a ecological line of products. Although there was need for some fancywork our customers now are able to hold eco-friendly business cards in their hands, printed with non-toxic wax-colours. Of course made of FSC-certified paper, and crafted with green electricity by „Lichtblick”. Besides as appointment calendars we use the Greenline series of the company of teNeues, which are very affectionately designed and printed with colors based on soy on FSC paper. Beyond that recycling paper according to Blue Angel Standard for the entire correspondence from first offer to the invoice is mandatory.

Additionally, we use bicycles as „staff cars”, of course. 🙂 And long business travels we compensate with the CO2-badge from Arktik.

Data protection and security

Data security is too often taken lightly in many companies. Even though it’s not that hard, and there is currently more reason than ever to be cautious in our high-tech world of the Internet. We deliver customized security solutions and the Know-How to do so.

An important step is the encryption of the web page created for the customer. This effectively prevents the stealing of passwords or a takeover of the page and improves the search engine ranking along the way. More plugins and precautions complete our security concept – without having the user to worry about anything.

Of course, customers can communicate with us always encrypted via email. In contrast to although widespread, but concerning privacy questionable services such as dropbox and Google drive we use nextCloud – fully encrypted and on servers controlled by us.

Data protection works on several levels. For this purpose we decentralize our privacy on different services. So we use the Piwik tool of statistics on our web site to prevent Google from evaluating all data from our visitors on american servers. Additionally we use the libertine portal Vimeo instead of YouTube as a video platform, again to set a sign against data collection and for alternatives.